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A Leading Fitness Academy Serving Worldwide

Neo Academy is a renowned fitness and wellness academy delivering excellence in terms of fitness education and extensive training under expert guidance. We are a group of highly professional and trained educators in the fitness industry who understand the unique requirements in the fitness journey and go an extra mile to deliver our services at affordable prices.

Established with a commitment to shaping the future of fitness professionals, we take pride in being a premier fitness training academy dedicated to excellence in education, innovation, and empowerment.


Explore our personalized training certification courses and shape your future towards success.

Wellness & Fitness Certification

This course allows you to gain complete insight about wellness and fitness. Enroll in this course and kickstart your career in the fitness industry.

Aerobics & Zumba Certification

Dance your way to fitness with our Aerobics and Zumba Certification program, where rhythm meets cardio in an exhilarating fusion of dance styles.

Spin Bike Certification

Dive into the mechanics of spin bikes, master proper riding techniques, and explore the thrilling science behind interval training for optimal results.

Diet & Nutrition Certification

Whether it is for losing weight, gaining, or maintaining fitness goal, get complete training from fitness experts and transform the life of fitness enthusiasts.

Marketing, Sales & Admin Certification

This program covers marketing, sales, and administration, offering a holistic approach to building and sustaining a successful fitness enterprise.


Diet and Nutrition Workshop For Beginners

Social Media Marketing Workshop

Complete Fitness GTraining Workshop Advanced Level



I wanted to be a Zumba instructor but was not able to find the perfect academy. One of my friends suggested Neo Academy. I met the staff and they instructed in the best possible way. Highly satisfied with the course


I have completed my education in nutrition and always wanted to open my own nutrition and wellness center. I contacted them for the certified training courses and they guided me at every step. Now, I am a certified nutrition expert.


Neo Academy has the best team who know everything about fitness. I got my certification from them and they upgraded my skills with extensive training. Really thankful for them for the training and supportive staff.


The personalized training plans and nutrition guidance helped me achieve my fitness goals faster than I ever imagined. Very supportive staff and extensive training. Thanks for the proper guidance and training.


The curriculum is extensive and covers all aspects of fitness, from anatomy and physiology to practical training techniques. The instructors are industry experts who provide hands-on training and valuable insights.


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